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Help your peers overcome food insecurity!


Donor to Diner (D2D) chapters are student-led and work closely with their universities to help alleviate food insecurity while promoting awareness of this issue. The programs each D2D chapter implements vary because they are tailored to the needs of the student population the chapter serves. Nevertheless, all chapters work to create and improve resources while ensuring all these programs are easily accessible to students.


Start a Donor to Diner chapter at your school. 


To initiate a chapter, complete this application form

after reviewing information and requirements about maintaining a chapter. Contact any time during the application process. The speed at which application decisions are returned depend on the time of submission and the number of pending applications.


What is the purpose of a D2D Chapter?


Student-led chapters seek to aid students facing food insecurity through food drives and Donor to Diner’s meal donation program, the “One Meal Initiative”. In addition to expanding resources available to struggling students, local chapters spread awareness of this common but relatively unknown problem that plagues college campuses across the nation.


Chapters encourage students to utilize or donate to resources available on campus such as the university food pantry or assistance from counselors. In most cases, the employees maintaining these supplies have many other responsibilities, so they do not have the time to publicize the availability of these resources. Chapters assist these staff members and their peers by undertaking advocacy campaigns and supply collection events.


If the school does not have any programs available to assist hungry students, chapters will work with university administration to establish resources that will benefit the student body. 


What are the benefits of starting a Donor to Diner chapter?


Students who start a chapter will gain valuable leadership experience while helping their peers. Collegiate hunger is a common problem but is not discussed in mainstream media, so many students experiencing food insecurity do not realize they can get help. When creating a new chapter, founding members will learn to build and maintain membership, manage officers, network, and organize events, in addition to a multitude of other experiences. These valuable skills can be instrumental for future success in any endeavor a student undertakes.


Who can start a chapter?


Any student can start a chapter at his/her college (four-year universities, community colleges, graduate or professional schools, etc.). University faculty/staff members and others must involve students to serve as leaders of the chapter before their chapter request application can be approved.


Should I start a chapter?  


Familiarize yourself with our goals by exploring our website and social media pages to determine if you want to start your own chapter. Although Donor to Diner will assist all chapters with paperwork and events, establishing a chapter is a time commitment and requires both motivation and dedication from the founding members. Thus, carefully consider starting a chapter. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.


How do I start a chapter? What is the registration process?


If you are interested in initiating a D2D chapter, contact expressing your interest in beginning a chapter at your university. Please include your name, institution, phone number, and other information you feel is relevant in this email. A registration form will be sent to you. If your application is approved, we will schedule a short phone meeting with you to determine how you should proceed in developing the chapter.


What happens once my application has been approved?


Upon chapter approval from Donor to Diner, D2D will assist the new chapter leaders with initiating an official university student organization. Chapters are required to abide by D2D’s official constitution which can be used when registering the chapter as a student organization, saving chapter members time.


Chapters also have access to promotional materials, organization logos, and other paperwork. We also advise chapters on how to successfully implement new programs (i.e. D2D’s “One Meal Initiative”) in their university and to form partnerships with university departments. In addition to assistance with organization paperwork and event planning, D2D aids chapters with member recruitment and advocacy efforts.


What are the requirements for maintaining chapter status?


 Although we applaud anyone who works to help others, D2D serves those who aren't served by anyone else - college students. For that reason, college students must be the beneficiaries of all programs implemented by D2D chapters.  For example, all collected donations must be given to the campus food pantry or a local food bank that can be accessed by college students.

Chapters are required to use the D2D logo and abide by the D2D constitution.


Chapter Finances

Each chapter must decide if monetary donations will be accepted. Chapters that collect monetary donations must register for a tax ID from the IRS and follow any IRS and/or university guidelines. Chapters are completely responsible for maintaining their finances; D2D cannot be held liable. A chapter can be very successful even if cash donations are not accepted. For example, drives can collect food items, toiletries, and school supplies instead of money. Upon request, D2D can provide guidance on types of donations that can be solicited according to a chapter’s individual circumstances.


Correspondence with D2D

Chapters are required to contact Donor to Diner a minimum of two times each semester with any updates. We must be notified of all events being planned and any new partnerships via designated forms. All pictures, videos, news articles, etc. from chapter events should be sent to D2D to be posted on the national organization’s website or social media. Any necessary legal permissions need to be acquired by the chapter before posting on chapter social media or sending to Donor to Diner.



If you have any questions about the requirements sent to you with your chapter approval notice, please contact the D2D representative assigned to your chapter or email


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